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Welcome to the New Earth Economy Nations YOUniversity. An online school, where we offer a diverse range of workshops and courses designed to help you create a whole new self and embrace a way of autonomous beingness. Our programs are tailored to empower individuals to thrive in this ever-evolving world, equipping all with the tools and perspectives needed to thrive in a new earth era.

Whether you're seeking personal growth or a deeper sense of fulfillment, our school is committed to being a guiding light on your journey towards a more conscious and empowered way of living.

  • CHOICES: Students will engage in a choice of many options to assist in the activation of a newly collected understanding on a DNA and RNA impact level. Dormant elements awaiting awakening will be activated, instilling a "new higher consciousness" beliefs necessary for your life's experiences.

  • LIFE IS YOUR CLASSROOM: We believe that life itself serves as the ultimate classroom, offering hands-on experiences that provide a diverse collection of perspectives. Our mentors (Family Members) share their wisdom gained from human experiences to guide and support you in your journey of personal growth and transformation. Through this approach, we strive to help individuals break free from the constraints of old paradigms and societal programming, empowering them to embrace new possibilities and paths to self-discovery.

  • N.E.E.N. MEMBER OPPORTUNITY (The Teacher/The Student): Within the N.E.E. Nations, PMA and UNIFIED NATIONS, every member has the opportunity to illuminate their path and lift others, co-creating a collective trajectory towards their best and highest potential. This community not only generates diverse experiences of prosperity but also fosters an environment where individuals find the courage to voice their insights and share their accumulated wisdom with fellow members, enriching the collective journey of our nation.


Welcome, beloved soul, to a realm where boundless love awaits your embrace. Someone loves you and desires to accompany you on an extraordinary journey—a journey that transcends limitations, guiding you to infinite levels of love. You are fortunate to have someone who cares deeply about your growth. Step into the dawn of a new era, as we unveil a transformative concept reshaping our understanding of the human experience.

Behold the New Earth Economy Nations, PMA YOUniversity—a sanctuary place where every shared perspective serves as a beacon of wisdom, illuminating the path for personal metamorphosis.


9 Week Challenge!!


Our exciting 9-week workshop, a transformative journey into the depths of your soul. Imagine a workshop that isn't just about theory, but about experiencing life in its purest form. With our hands-on approach, you will use your own life as a classroom. Our workshop is about more than just understanding — it's about action.

Through exploring the art of releasing old patterns and beliefs, you will pave the way for a new life brimming with purpose and meaning. And as you delve into the depths of desire, you'll uncover the true essence of THE GREATEST LOVE OF ALL

The Real Of Boundless Expression & Perspectives

The student is a teacher, too!

Within a private platform, each student is invited to delve deep into their inner selves, personal experiences, and one another's unique viewpoints. Our collective aim is to foster an integrated understanding of the insights we receive—the transmission of wisdom that shapes our evolutionary journey toward the new earth and life.

In a private room platform, we engage in blogging, posting video assignments, going live, and sharing blessings within each course.

Consider this space as a fearless collective, prepared to embrace the journey toward autonomous beingness. Please note that active participation in this group requires student registration.

(access links are provided in courses)

Unveiling Healing Through Words

Journaling plays a profound role in the healing process from past human experiences.  Through the act of writing, you can untangle complex feelings, gain insights into your triggers and reactions, and track your progress over time. Documenting your journey as you adventure through the curriculums, you can identify patterns, acknowledge your growth, and develop a deeper understanding of yourself. Additionally, it can serve as a form of self-compassion, allowing you to validate your own experiences and provide yourself with the empathy and understanding you may seek from others.

In essence, journaling is a huge part of our curriculums. If you don't have a journal, please explore the what we are creating for you below. More will be shared soon. Our members love to create!

Order A Journal Here

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