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Social Media

Our community is all about supporting and sharing our mission and vision with the world, collectively. We ask all family members that are partaking in the NEW EARTH ECONOMY PRIVATE COMMUNITY to experience and participate in the spreading of awareness. By liking, sharing, and subscribing to all our social media platforms supports the whole and our movement on redistrubting wealth back to the people. 

Our Private FaceBook Group

At the time of Membership processing, you will be added to our private community Facebook group by one of our Facilitators.

We do require that you have a facebook account to have access to our community. If you do not have one, we ask that you set one up to be added to our group. It is important to stay within the private community for contacting and updates to the family members. 

Yes, There Are Group Guidlines

Due to us being new to the world and creating a NEW EARTH ECONOMY experience, we have placed somes guidlines in our group. It is important that we stay transparent and set expectiations as we move our of the old world structure. 

All our community members have a right to feel safe. 

To you right you will see our 5 most important group guidlines.

Thank you in advance for ensuring a like-hearted experience as we redistribute wealth to one another. All in all, LOVE WINS!

  • Our Fan Page

    We are excited to grow our efforts in bringing awareness to the world. We post daily to inspire one another. We go live for podcasts and shares of family members around the world. We are just getting started.

    Please like, share and subscribe to our page. We ask that all family supports with their full heart, love for the mission, and movement. 

    I would love to support!
  • Support Our YouTube

    We are so excited to intoduce our YouTube channel. We ask for your participation and subscription to our channel to support our movement. Please know that we just started using YouTube to start sharing videos for training, updates, testimonials, and other fun submissions from the family.

    You are invited to create content as well and send it to us for uploading at [email protected]

    We love to share and assist each other on our journey to creating an abundant life. 

    I would love to support!

    1. Help to build and support our community by sharing and promoting our New Earth Economy Movement.

    2. Like, share, and subscribe to help us gain further reach all around the world

    3. Support the sharing of testimonies, postings, lives, and inspirations gifted to the world by our family members and leaders by liking and commenting

    4. Respect our diverse community. We all have different cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds. Always use kindness and consideration as we color our world

    1. Spam our community with other offerings or opportunities. (see family registry is you would like to offer services to our community- MUST BE A MEMBER)

    2. No cross-recruiting is allowed

    3. Use foul language, promote negativity, hate speech, rudeness, or bullying. This is not in alignment with our community and will not be tolerated

    4. To protect the safety and integrity of our platform, Gift of Legacy must NEVER be promoted or shared on social media platforms

    5. No other social media platforms can be opened/created by a N.E.E. member. We are a private community and we protect our members. ( use all created content created by N.E.E. approved content creators)

    If you have any questions, contact a mentor in the private group

    Click on the Link Below to see our Mentors list. 

    Mentor's List

    New Earth Economy 2022. Built With LOVE!