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Promo Code

New Earth Economy is offering a beautiful opportunity for our community members to step up on the stage of life and share this wonderful movement. Not only will this bless your journey, but it will also offer a leadership experience. New Earth Economy is all about changing how we present ourselves to the world as well as creating an abundant life experience for all.

If you want to submit a PROMO CODE for approval, please email [email protected]

Choosing A Code

Be creative when choosing a code. You want to make sure no one else has the same code. We will help you with that when being placed on the list.

Promo Code Example:

ABUNDANTLIFE (no spaces)

The promo code allows all NEE community members to fly high and create abundant FREE life.

Be creative in choosing your code. We have a list you will be placed on so we can identify all the new gifters coming in and to whom they belong.


If you want to partake in our PROMO CODE perk, please ensure your meet the qualifications for processing. Please email us at [email protected]

  • Must be on a N.E.E. Member and in our Private Facebook Group. 
  • You have to already have one gifter under your link to participate in this promo code perk.
  • You can only use media content provided by N.E.E.
  • You are using the PROMO CODE perk to assist the whole N.E.E. community (First Gifter/New Member goes to you to lock you in for next level abundance exchange. The rest will assist the whole family that resides in and around your board to assist in movement.
  • Due to us exchanging wealth amongst each other. It is a requirement that you HAVE A BLAST SHARING and impacting many lives.


If you would like to create something to assist in your global share. Please submit your request for approval to [email protected]

What To Expect

  • Once we receive the beautiful gifter we will cross reference the PromoCode list
  • We will contact you as the assigned N.E.E. Member.
  • We will locate you in the Facebook Private Group with a post announcing a pending New Member. 
  • We will train and process the new gifter to ensure all Members are set up correctly
  • We will then ask for your link to send to new member and assist them through the board entry process


  • ALL New Gifters/Members using your promo code will be placed in the proxcemity of your board to assist in the movement and flow. 
  • Only one gifter per N.E.E. member will be offered by the whole family to assist in your launch with N.E.E.
  • All gifters must be trained by a N.E.E Facilitator to ensure process and flow.
  • N.E.E Facilitator will approve the New Gifter/Member in the private facebook group.

Due to N.E.E. being a global movement powered by the people, we thrive in the assitance of all members. We are here to distribute wealth back to the people as well as restore community engagement and togetherness. We encourage all members to have a Promo Code to ensure no one is left behind or taken advantage of. This will ensure global movement as one, balanced flow. 

If you need a mentor to assist you

Click on the Link Below to see our Mentors list. 

Mentor's List

New Earth Economy 2022. Built With LOVE!