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The Story of N.E.E.N. 

Nurturing a New Earth Through Unity and Balance

 Feminine Rising To Create A New Earth

New Earth Economy Nations, PMA, (N.E.E.N.) is a pioneering venture born from the collective vision of 3 women leaders, thinkers, and innovators who are pillars in the resurgence of feminine energy to guide humanity into a new era. This captivating story started as a reflection of the human desire for equilibrium—a longing to bring together feminine and masculine energies to forge a harmonious future.

Our story is penned by the courageous steps of a sisterhood that recognized the transformative power of the Feminine Divine. It was through their unified intention to cultivate care, compassion, prosperity, and collaboration that N.E.E.N. emerged not just as a community but as a beacon of hope and a vessel for change.

In a world that has long been navigated by the dominance of masculine energy, defined by hierarchy and competition, New Earth Economy Nations, PMA illumines the path with an alternative paradigm. By valuing gentle strength and intuitive wisdom, the founders of N.E.E.N. realized that the answers to some of the most pressing challenges of our times were embedded in the very principles often associated with the feminine—connection, empathy, and healing.

The story of New Earth Economy Nations, PMA is etched in every project and initiative that promotes sustainability, authenticity, equitable prosperity, and autonomous beingness. It's a tale of matriarchs charting new territories, where their voices, once whispers, grew into empowered declarations that resound across the world. It embodies the decisions made at tables where, historically, seats were not offered, speaking to the power that resonates from the heart.

Empowerment at N.E.E.N. is about more than mere representation; it’s a holistic infusion of feminine wisdom into the DNA of the new earth they aspire to build. An earth where resources are stewarded with reverence, where economies thrive on the equitable distribution of wealth, and where communities are uplifted by mutual respect and support.

From establishing local entrepreneurial endeavors to influencing global policies, the women of N.E.E.N. write their own roles in this unfolding epoch. They realize that to nurture the planet is to nurture the collective soul of humanity, and in doing so, they honor the legacy and the potential of future generations.

The Feminine Rising within New Earth Economy Nations, PMA is not an ascent for power over others but a journey towards inner and outer balance. It is a dedicated effort to rekindle the inner spark of every individual, regardless of gender, cultivating a space where the synergistic balance of masculine and feminine energies can co-create realities once dreamt of.

Our story is ongoing, and it thrives on the narratives of all who join the experience of this new creation. It's a tapestry woven from the myriad of ways the feminine manifests and enriches life, a testament to the enduring spirit of women who dare to envision a new earth — a sanctuary where every child born is welcomed into a world blossoming with the fruits of the Feminine Divine.

This is the heritage and the promise of N.E.E.N., a luminous guiding star in our shared journey to a brighter tomorrow.

Much Love and Appreciation,

Jennie O'Boyle, Jennifer McClure, and  Jo C Soignier EdD

The Founders and Trustees 

N.E.E. Nations, PMA

P.S. We selected the term "Economy" to transform prevailing perceptions and the conditioned understanding of its meaning. Our redefined concept of Economy is as follows: At the heart of our planet's wealth are Human Beings – they are the most authentic form of currency. It is our collective human energy that erects empires, and without this vital currency of humanity, nothing could come into existence. 

Harmony Herald 

The power of our voice orchestrates a symphony, expressing the desires of our hearts. Each word is a note, carefully woven together to create a melody that resonates with our deepest intentions. From the gentle hum of compassion to the resounding crescendo of ambition, our voices form a harmonious ensemble that reverberates through the universe, shaping our reality and inspiring others to join in this beautiful symphony of expression.

Speaking Engagements

For inquiries about having the founders speak at your events or podcasts, kindly contact us via email using the information provided below. Thank you for supporting the rise of the Feminine Energy,  creations, and her voice.

Please contact our admin staff at [email protected] and we will get back to you shortly.

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