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Let's be mindful and explore

Our community is all about supporting and sharing our mission and vision with the world, collectively. We ask all family members that are partaking in the NEW EARTH ECONOMY PRIVATE COMMUNITY to experience and participate in the spreading of awareness. By liking, sharing, and subscribing to all our social media platforms supports the whole and our movement on redistrubting wealth back to the people. 

Our Vision

To create a world free from poverty, to restore togetherness in a community that unconditionally gift to one another, to create a NEW EARTH experience where everyone gives and receives from the heart re-establishing unity for all, trust, balance, communication, community and love. As our hearts open, our abundance and freedom consciousness is restored. 


New Earth Economy strives to give the best and highest presentation to the world when sharing our beautiful community. It is our goal to share our creative spark by keeping our shares organic. Allowing people within our community to create from the heart, brings so much light and color to our presentions. We share our spark in all that you see and read. It's powered by the people after all. 

New Earth Economy 2022. Built With LOVE!