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The first choice is always the best choice, it's all from the heart. Procrastination is one of our biggest challenges in life. New possibilities...

A Detailed WHY Created For Your SACRED YES...

Learn the reality of the Old World Economic System. Does this resonate with you too?

We are in a time where INNERstanding is very important creating our best lives generationally... 

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    Not A Secret, Secret

    Money is woven into our world defining stories: of self, and of humanity.. It is part and parcel of the ideology and mechanics of growth, the “ascent of humanity” to overlordship of the earth; it has also played a central role in the dissolution of our relationship to nature and community. 

    Question To Ask

    “What story of the world are we creating, and what kind of money will embody and reinforce that story?”


    Humanity is consciously evolving, emerging a new relationship to ourselves and to the earth, a new earth money system that reflects and nourishes the things that are becoming sacred to us all.

    I want to be an impact to the extension of the ecosystem, not a violation of it.

    I want to be an impact and encourage entrepreneurship.

    I want to be an impact to the continued development of our uniquely human gifts.

    I want to be an impact by assisting in the promotion of an equitable distribution of wealth.

    I want to be an impact to assisting in a new materialism that treats the world as sacred


    Time is precious, get ready for change!

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