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Join this amazing community of people who love to share abundance with an open heart. This is the New Earth Economy, a global movement powered by people for the people!

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"We have an amazing global team and are all volunteers. We decided to start the ripple of change in our world. We found each other and with our gathered hearts, NEW EARTH ECONOMY MOVEMENT WAS BORN. Everything was built with you in mind. Come join us and let's redistribute and restore abundance to all."

Jennie O'Boyle, Creator of N.E.E.

"Together we ARE co-creating a new system of living with equity, freedom and abundance for the I, We and ALL. What a noteworthy endeavor of service for all living things and Earth!!!"

JoC Soignier, Co-Creator of N.E.E.

“I am honored to share my voice to speak on the importance of this Global Movement of necessary change & abundant living.”

Carmella Watts, Ambassador of N.E.E.

Our GLOBAL FAMILY is growing in over 90 Countries Strong. 

Everyone becomes part of your new life! So many new life-long friends are created in this community.

A New Earth Economy FOR YOU

Here are the few things that you can learn and quickly implement from the moment you give your sacred yes

  • To close the gap between the haves and have nots

  • Experience a perpetual gifting

  • Decentralized! For the people by the people within our community, GLOBALLY!

  • Peer-to-peer with like-minded and like-hearted people around the world for a LIFE OF ABUNDANCE!

Spreading The Message!

With NEW EARTH ECONOMY movement, collectively we strive to reach out to the global community to utilize our gifted talents to keep uplifting and empowering our fellow NEEM global family. To be the catalyst of change for the better, GLOBALLY.

 Collectively we strive to reach out in the community, making the world a better place for all to live in harmony with sincere love for one another. 

Let's hear what others are saying

We are a community that shares from the heart and will always be open to grow beyond today.

"Keep on Keeping on..."

"Keep on Keeping on with the heart, sincerely.  Sharing, reaching out...Uplifting, empowering communities, people, globally... Creating a LEGACY GENERATIONALLY "

Eddie, South Africa

"A sacred YES..."

"My sacred YES!!! We together are creating a grand new adventure full of endless possibilities to grow and share our gratitude, abundance, and freedom from the inside out!!! We celebrate your divine presence with love."


"When you learn to give..."

"When you learn to give, you share learn to receive. So when you start with giving first, the you will also receive.  When you have both time and money you can do things what makes you happy.

 Quote: ”Dear life show me how good it gets.”

Johanna, Finland

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