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Welcome to New Earth Economy! Welcome to the embracing of a Sacred Economy and Authentic Connection for the full EMBODIMENT OF LOVE!

As members, we are focusing on our future following inner light as beacons of guidance towards NEW LIFE. No matter the challenges of different visions for what we want the future to be, together it is possible.

  • Be the walk, not the talk kind of shift towards a new, more abundant future, together.  

  • Be a supporter & Investor of projects around the world with your gifts. Your YES is impactful.

  • Being part of "It takes a village" kind of community. It's time we gather and be a grand help in a community setting  where everyone and their families thrive. 

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“The greatness of N.E.E. community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members, it's all in the gift to ourselves and to the children. We are the lighthouse where all dwell, shifting and changing the future one gift at a time” 

An opportunity for growth.

What is N.E.E?

New Earth Economy (N.E.E.) is a sacred economic community that embodies the principles of gift-giving, unconditional love, and authentic connection. Our primary focus is to create an environment where individuals can experience personal growth while preparing for a prosperous future. At New Earth Economy, we believe in a new paradigm shift that aims to bring a more balanced and harmonious Earth experience for all mankind.

We are pioneers in this movement, committed to transforming the traditional economic model into one that prioritizes the well-being of all individuals and the planet. In our community, gift-giving plays a central role. We encourage a culture of generosity, where resources and talents are shared freely, fostering a sense of abundance and interconnectedness.

This practice enables us to move away from a scarcity mindset, promoting a more balanced distribution of wealth and opportunities. Alongside gift-giving, we prioritize the embodiment of unconditional love. This means practicing love and acceptance towards ourselves, each other, and the Earth.

By cultivating a compassionate and inclusive mindset, we can create a supportive and nurturing environment for growth and transformation. Authentic connection is another key aspect of New Earth Economy. We emphasize building genuine relationships where individuals can express their true selves, fostering a sense of belonging and unity within the community. These connections serve as a catalyst for personal and collective evolution, as we learn from and inspire each other on our respective journeys.

Furthermore, we are dedicated to nurturing the youth and preparing them for their future. We are that village! We, every member, equip young individuals with the necessary shared life lessons, skills and encouraging support to thrive in the evolving world. By empowering the next generation, we ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for all.

WE ARE NEW PARADIGM SHIFTERS!! We are committed to creating a world that values cooperation, sustainability, and holistic well-being.

Join us as we co-create a society rooted in love, abundance, and balance, where all individuals can flourish and contribute to a more harmonious Earth experience.  

Our Hybridized Design utilized in our gift-giving.

New Earth Economy's hybridized sacred formula utilizes the 8th wonder of the world, compound interest method (multiplier system with people vs years) and the keys to the universe. With this sacred multiplier system, we are in the actualization of miracles to change the future for the lives of our participants within the N.E.E. family, including the youth.  In order to impact the all, and to ensure no one is left behind, we had to remain whole, thus eliminating separation and division within our community, formula, and the world. Our purpose for this Hybridized design is to help families to become the biggest givers and receivers, changing many lives and our future experiences.

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Watch the Video to learn about us, then feel your choice. If it is a yes, go to step 2. 


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Experienced by heartfelt N.E.E. family participants --> Saying goodbye to the old world, the old self, creating a new future for all to experience. WE FLY.

Humanity is gathering along side the children, consciously creating a better world for us all.

Three Words...Power, Change, and Freedom.

They have an important role!

It is important to us all to move all focus towards the child. They are the true development of this world, now and for all of our future, including theirs. 

"New Earth Economy is the gathering of the people who care, creating a strong woven fabric.

"Holding it all together" 

The children, as the future focus, are the ones who will be moving this world forward. They are holding it all together." 

-Jennifer McClure

Tell Me More About Your WHY

Is New Earth Economy

in alignment with you?

Here are some questions to ask yourself. 

Is New Earth Economy in alignment with your personal values and beliefs?

What can you bring to New Earth Economy's community and the embodiment practices of unconditional love?

Would cultivating authentic connection in your experiences in life bring a new light to your love of self journey and in the expression of the self? 

Are you willing and able to support New Earth Economy's youth members to prepare for their future?

Are you willing to be that New Paradigm Shifter and participate in the shifts towards a more balanced Earth experience within New Earth Economy?

New Paradigm Shifters! --> Families of the Future. Be the voice of Love.

In the New Earth Economy, our Families of the Future serve as powerful voices of love and transformation, embodying the principles of being new paradigm shifters. We recognize that parenting is a sacred responsibility, and we strive to create an environment where children are raised with unconditional love, respect, and support. Our approach to relationships emphasizes equality, shared decision-making, and mutual growth, creating a foundation of trust and harmony. As new paradigm shifters, we envision a future where families are the bedrock of love, compassion, and conscious evolution, paving the way for a more balanced and harmonious Earth experience. We start it with a gift.

Our Story

 New Earth Economy was birthed beginning our quest that led us to delve into the enigmatic realms of a hybridized method to make this new experience possible. Finally, in March 2023, we unveiled our revolutionary system that encompasses Sacred Economy, Authentic Connections, Families of the Future and Unconditional Love Embodiment. Its simplicity is matched only by its effectiveness, as it operates on a repetitive foundation created by the currency-sea of love, our N.E.E. family participants. Our relentless efforts have yielded a solution that holds immense potential for transforming lives and ushering in a new era of abundance for our NEW EARTH experience. We are the walk it, not talk it kind of community. We, collectively pave the way as NEW EARTH EXPERIENCERS, shifting from money economy to a more sacred economy, embodying prosperity and light service with LOVE. We are the opportunity to create our heaven on earth experience for our soul's evolution beyond the poverty and duality mindset. As we unite, together, we create New Earth Economy as if we take form as the cells in the body of N.E.E. We are not a corporation, nor a non-profit or religious organization. We are sovereign, we choose to gather and create this global community that will forever be powered BY HUMANKIND, the truest Current-sea on this planet. WE ARE A NON-ENTITY KIND OF ENTITY 

Humanizing Wealth for future financial freedom for the Youth of our world and all humankind.

Humanizing wealth for future financial freedom is a concept that strives to shift our understanding and relationship with money towards a more compassionate and holistic approach. It encompasses recognizing that financial well-being is not solely about accumulating monetary wealth, but also about fostering a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and overall well-being in our lives. By humanizing wealth, we focus on aligning our financial decisions and actions with our values and aspirations. This involves understanding that wealth is not just about material possessions, but also about the quality of our relationships, our mental and physical health, and the contribution we make to our communities and the world.

To achieve future financial freedom, it is important to cultivate a mindset that values financial education, responsible financial practices, and conscious consumption. This means prioritizing sustainable and ethical investments, minimizing debt, and being aware of the impact our financial decisions have on ourselves and others. Moreover, humanizing wealth acknowledges the importance of fostering financial freedom for all individuals, not just a select few.

New Earth Economy is an experience aligning our financial decisions with our values and working towards an equitable and inclusive society, we can create a future where everyone has the opportunity to experience true financial freedom. love, and unity.

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We love N.E.E.

Everything we do is for our community. We are the walking message of change. In our store you will find T-shirts, cellphone covers, hoodies and outdoor drawstring bags. GET INSPIRED!

N.E.E. messengers are everywhere. 

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Growing Globally One Day At A Time!

Growing the New Earth Economy globally starts with a fundamental understanding that true transformation begins from within. By focusing on our own personal growth and development, we can then expand our positive influence outwardly to create a global impact. Are you ready? We are!



  • Thank you for your interest. First, watch the video if you haven't done so. Then fill out the form below. Someone from our N.E.E. facilitators will reach out to you shortly to help you with the easy setup process, and your journey will begin! We look forward to having you join this amazing community!


  • We believe in nurturing authentic connections within families, fostering a deep sense of understanding and partnership between parents and children. Any age of child can participate in the learning of a New Earth Economy trough experiencing it. However, parents must assist the child by being a helping guide through the journey until they are of 18 years of age or ready to take on independently. Parents are building their children's futures within our community, preparing them for the big 18! We are a community that is dedicated to creating generational wealth in families for years to come. Children are our Future


  • Yes! However, we are a private community and we are aware that understanding comes from the human experience. Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you shortly to give you more information.


  • The following is required to ensure a successful, joyful, and fun experience:

    -Computer or smart phone

    -Internet connection

    -Full access to Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram

    -Wise (Link and info will be provide at the time of processing your new membership.)

    -Zoom. We are a face to face kind of community.

    -A heart of Gold for the children, your participation helps them grow in abundance.


  • To get you started with our community, you gift $333.33. You will bless a participant or their child in our community with this amount. That is all! This puts you in an infinite reciprocal exchange with loving people around the world. If the means are available, you have an option to have multiple positions(family, friends, or projects you want to help with). Together, we practice HUMANIZING WEALTH as it is amplified and returned manifold. Thus, we experience a new way of financial exchange for us all, including the children.


  • NO!! We hope that everyone joins our amazing community! Every person in impacted because of your YES.  All positions held by a child will be impacted by your participation. Not only will it bless your life, it will bless a child's life or their parent. 


  • A private network ensures a like-minded gathering of humanity. We desire to create our own BIG BANG manifold...NEW EARTH. We understand that we are the true currency! Together, our magnetic attractions amplifies our efforts of growth for change. You are Currency! Currency is Energy! Energy is Everything! It is your vitality. It is your time. It is your health. It is your beingness. It is your SPIRIT. Where you put your Energy (Currency) and who you allow around your energy matters to us! That is why we are a PRIVATE NETWORK. It's important that you see the bigger picture. IT'S FOR THE CHILDREN AND FOR CREATING A BETTER WORLD TO LEAVE THEM WITH. 


Our community is excited to meet you!  

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After completing the form, one of our team members will reach out to you and start your onboarding process. We want to ensure an easy welcoming. We look forward to speaking with you.  

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Voices Ending Voids

We embrace the liberation of silenced voices, fostering an environment where people can openly express themselves and share their personal stories. These testimonials serve as reminders that every individual plays a vital role in shaping the collective narrative of our world. From personal triumphs to societal challenges, these stories shed light on the shared experiences of humanity and inspire others to embrace their own unique voices.

Go N.E.E!!! Keep shinning your light!!

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