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Agreements, Guidelines, and Boundaries

Last Updated Date: 03/1/2023

NEE's Agreements/Guidelines/Boundaries

Effective now, only now exists.

Greetings WonderFULL New Earth Economy Members!!!

We are gathering in UNISON and joining together on a mission to merge the energy of the many to create one New Earth Economy that benefits ALL. This movement serves to establish equitable prosperity for those who choose to join with their Sacred Yes. By facilitating the redistribution of wealth within our circles, we are not only able to fill our own cups with abundance, but we also have the opportunity to share the overflow with like-minded and like-hearted beings that are in alignment with the replenishment of the earth and establishment of an economy grounded in awareness. As our cups runneth over, we gather to serve in the highest good of ALL life.

We are grateful for your patience and reflections as we are moving through various stages of our New Earth creation. In order to flourish as a new economy, we must be willing to evolve as well as embrace the ancient wisdom of our ancestors. This ancient evolution is the beginning of a sacred, PRIVATE community that will allow our members to prosper with grace and ease. These are the moments we have been waiting for and they are ripe with expansion.

As various timelines are dividing we are finding ourselves adapting to new ways of service and currency exchange, while utilizing the Contract Clause which will ensure a solid foundation moving forward. For the benefit of ALL, our New Earth Economy members, facilitators, & ambassadors agree to the following:

AGREEMENTS & GUIDELINES Please be aware that these guidelines may transform over time as we grow into our NEW EARTH EXPERIENCE together.

1. The New Earth Economy is a community for ALL like-minded, like-hearted beings who are in alignment with the Oneness of all creation. Every member has an inspirational role in this creation and movement. N.E.E. is more than a wealth redistribution group; we are a community directory sharing and experiencing our gifts and services within the private realm of our New Economy on Earth. As a member, your energy impacts the prosperity of our WHOLE community. YOU are significant. YOU are influential. YOU are vital. Being a member means being in full awareness that all is self as we engage as ONE community in Trust for the good of ALL.

2. The New Earth Economy is a PRIVATE NETWORK community for members only. While we are a borderless community, meaning we are global and expanding, no members may represent the N.E.E community outside of N.E.E. platforms without written approval. This includes but is not limited to creating websites, web pages, social media profiles or pages, digital or physical advertisements, and cross-recruiting. Our community is private and must be maneuvered within the private realms of law. Unapproved representations may result in removal from the N.E.E community, as well as, arbitration.

3. The New Earth Economy has provided a REGISTRY (member offered service and product Directory) for all members to share their personal businesses, products, projects, and services within our private community. All services offered within N.E.E are added to the registry based on their alignment with the highest and best of all life. All members are encouraged to utilize our community registry for services, products, projects, or expansive opportunities that may be offered within our sacred, PRIVATE community. One mission of the New Earth Economy is to create various streams of wealth for our members through support of our Community Registry. Please visit https://neweartheconomy.global/familyregistry 

4. Personal marketing posts are not permitted on any New Earth Economy social media platform. Once a member's application is approved and processed New Earth Economy will post and update all services and products within the Community Registry section of our website. Please visit our directory page to see categories offered.

5. All ambassadors and facilitators will be listed in the community directory for transparency. As a N.E.E member you have the opportunity to assist others who are interesting in learning more about the N.E.E. Community Membership. If you are being called to facilitate this movement by shadowing new members, you may submit your request to [email protected]

6. All members are HIGHLY encouraged to join the New Earth Economy private Facebook Group. Verification of New Earth Economy members is determined by the members list in our private group sector. Any members that gather outside of the private Facebook Group will not be recognized as N.E.E. Member and can not utilize it's N.E.E. benefits as a member. We are a oneness community that works together in oneness and unity, not separation. If we are called to shift to another social media platform in the future, our members will be informed within the private Facebook Group ONLY.

7. All New Earth Economy members are encouraged to give a minimum donation of 10% of total received distribution back to the community each Wednesday. We are here to support our wealth redistribution for many years to come.

We are grateful and humbled by your support, love, and patience as we evolve and shift through these various stages of growth within our New Earth Economy.

Our Private FaceBook Group

At the time of Membership processing, you will be added to our private community Facebook group by one of our Facilitators.

We do require that you have a facebook account to have access to our community. If you do not have one, we ask that you set one up to be added to our group. It is important to stay within the private community for contacting and updates to the family members. 

Yes, There Are Group Guidlines

Due to us being new to the world and creating a NEW EARTH ECONOMY experience, we have placed some guidlines in our group. It is important that we stay transparent and set expectiations as we move out of the old world structure. 

All our community members have a right to feel safe. 

To your right you will see our 5 most important group guidlines.

Thank you in advance for ensuring a like-hearted experience as we redistribute wealth to one another. All in all, LOVE WINS!

New Earth Economy 2022. Built With LOVE!