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 The Cost you ask? The cost is the OLD WORLD.

The Gift you ask? To Gift all of us a New Earth and Freedom

Together let's see what possinble...A Free Gift, 2-day Workshop

DATES: JANUARY 14th & 15th 2023   TIME: 11:00am MST to 1:00pm MST

The Aboriginal people say that when you lose your dreaming you have lost part of your soul. Dragon Dreaming allows each and every one of us to reconnect back to our dreams and bring them to the forefront, creating a new reality for us all.  

Consider it another fulfillment of heart...We are infinite and so are our gifts!

Please watch the video for inspiration to say yes. Not only is it an opportunity... it is a GIFT FROM THE HEART.  

  • Make Sure Your Sound Is Turned ON!

  • In order for a successful share, seats are limited. Please RSVP so we can send you the link and pertinent information to attend. We will be gathering on zoom live, so it will be very fun to learn and grow together. Our live workshop is for the I, WE, and ALL.  


    "Fast forward a few decades, and I'm happy to say I'm not only living that dream, but I have learned how to harness the fearlessness that came so easily as a child to bring my grown-up goals to life. Teach yourself to dream without limits, and you will achieve without limits." Cara Alwill Leyba

    What Is Dragon Dreaming

    An Austrailian couple, John Croft and Vivian Elanta birthed this new method after they experienced projects with the Austrailians Aborigines and Papua New Guinea. Whether your dreams be big or small, you can base your project on the three principles: PERSONAL GROWTH, COMMUNITY BUILDING, and SERVICE TO THE EARTH. This is what New Earth Economy embodies. 

    Dragon Dreaming is based on 4 steps:



    TO ACT


    So what is possible when our own shared dream imagination of New Earth Econojmy becomes a reality as we uplift humanity creating our New Earth. We truly believe in YOU and in OURSELVES. We want to help you clarify...



    "Our beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing,there's a fireld- I meet you there!" -Rumi



    Read More On Drangon Dreaming


    We are so excited to share this amazing Free Workshop to share your DREAMS & IMAGINATION. With love of caring and sharing, we give you the opporunity to speak your dreams out into existence, and together we will uplift your dream into a dimension of imagination you haven't dreamed of. 


    DAY ONE: We will open space to give the opportunity to prepare and create your dreams.

    DAY TWO: Teams will be formed to bring all discoveries in Day One to the planning phase. Who can be a contribution, how can we connect with eachother, and what time frame and funding opportunities can be discussed.  

    As Creators our united creativity in 2023 will lead us all to the realization that we have been the secret all along and that all our creative dreams will replenish this earth, bringing change for all to experience together. NEW EARTH BEGINS. N.E.E. is happening, created all from a vision, we will all be celebrating it one GIFT AT A TIME.


    MIA KASPARI (Instructor)

    Mia is a multicultural and multidimentional shamanic starseed. She has not only traveled the world, she has been able to collect the unknowns and share it with the world.

    She currently resides in Berlin, Germany, and lives each day bring change to the world.  She has explored in the careers of Performing Artist as a freelanced actress, director, along with spectacular venues listed among the 10 best productions of the theater metropolis in Berlin for 3 consecutive years.  In 2018 she took on the adventures of being initiated as a Shaman in Mongolia. Since then she has been assisting people to release their traumas collected from their human experiences.

    Today she is a Core Leader and Ambassador for N.E.E. and here to ensure a NEW EARTH CREATION. Not only is she bringing all her collected talents to the table, she is spreading the awareness to the hearts around the world.

    Mia looks forward to meeting you and to be a guiding light in your DREAM BUILDING, SOUL HEALING, so that you may partake in the ABUNDANT LIFE experience. 



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